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The Bowen High School Social Science Department offers all CPS and Illinois required social study required courses.   Our rigorous and rewarding curriculum includes World Studies, United States History, and Civics.  In addition, students also have the opportunity to take AP Psychology in either their Junior or Senior year.  Our social studies classes meet the challenges of honors students, general education, and our diverse learners.  We believe in reaching students where they are currently at in their academic and personal journeys to facilitate growth and mastery of reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. 

Our professional licensed Illinois social studies teachers have achieved at least Master’s level teaching degrees giving our students elite and specialized instruction.  Our teachers specialize in US history, economics, psychology, civics, and world studies. This allows us to help our students achieve not only becoming stronger academically but socially/emotionally as well.  At Bowen High School, we strive to make our South Chicago neighborhood a hub of well-rounded students capable of achieving in college and the workplace.  

In our ever-changing and modern world, Bowen’s curriculum utilizes best practices in the field of Social Science.  Technology is a significant element in how we develop young people.  We have classroom Chromebooks and use timely news, documentaries, and various websites to enhance our classroom environments.


What Makes Us Different


We believe our educational culture at Bowen is built differently than our peers.  We strive to offer students in South Chicago and surrounding neighborhoods an elite educational experience. Our academic departments aren’t stand-alone clusters that don’t collaborate.  We work together to ensure our students are engaged and challenged.  Our Social Studies department frequently works alongside our English department to build more robust reading and writers.  We work with our Math and Science departments to create more decisive critical thinking.  Our city needs youth with solid skills and ones who know their education journey is ever-evolving and never-ending.  


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela.