Rescheduled LSC MTG Bowen

Rescheduled LSC MTG Bowen
6/29/2020, 3:00 PM 4:00 PM

Agenda June 29th, 2020 Re-Scheduled LSC MTG
Please Note: 
We do not have a quorum however we don't have anything to vote on at this time. 
Things to Discuss: 
1. Re-Opening 
a. Options for reopening 
b. Temperature checks for teachers and students 
c. Holding area for students who may have symptoms or present with a temperature 
d. PPE provided i.e. masks etc. 
What grades were adjusted? 
a. Students who received an F or Semester 2 as the grading policy does not allow.  They were changed to incomplete per the CPS grading policy. 
b. Students who had a higher grade but received a lower grade in a later quarter. Those were changed to a P per the CPS grading policy. 
c. Other students whose grades did not adhere to the CPS grading policy based on reports pulled from ASPEN per the district to identify which student grades needed to be adjusted. 
d. Teachers whose grades were impacted were also contacted via email and spreadsheets to show the possible error were shared. 
Technology Donations 
a. 100 hundred computers i.e Chromebooks being provided by a sponsor.  
a. Lockers will be painted 
b. All rooms including some on the fourth floor will be prepared in case we need them.  This means addressing the Lead, painting and of course cleaning. 
LSC Elections Moved to November  
Bell Schedule -(We are keeping our existing Bell Schedule) 
Assessments-(We are keeping existing Assessments i.e. PSAT 9, 10 & SAT and adding a writing assessment to be administered through English Courses.) 

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